James Robert Snyder

Meet James
Website Builder. Movie Quote Guy. Guitarist.

Hello, I’m James and I help run the site! I was born originally in Chicago, Illinois and moved to Las Vegas when I was 3 years old. so while I’m basically from Vegas, I feel like I’m still a Chicago kid at heart and I miss all of the family out in the Windy City.
I graduated from Bonanza High School and I’ve been playing guitar for 10 years. My passion is making my own music and I enjoy watching movies, old and new ( The Classics I like best) and I am also a Gamer like Cameron Crescenzi.
I may be a new member of the team and still green, but I have quickly learned what it takes to succeed in this industry. It takes the brightest people to understand there is always more to learn. Working at Clinton Nevada, I’ve become a “Jack of all trades” of sorts, helping out different people at the company. I started here as a Website Builder, shedding some of the outer skin of the website and tweaking a couple of pages created by my predecessor, I have updated the catalog and still kept the same contemporary layout. I’m now working as an Item Procurement Specialist and Sales Representative.

Words to live by:
Music is Life…Hear it, Play it, Live it
I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse. – Don Corleone,
‘The Godfather’