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The people of Eupen are committed to providing creative solutions and pinpoint accuracy. Eupen is called on by the best in wireless to solve their toughest problems in their most challenging markets. Eupen’s low loss cable, connectors and jumper assemblies are in a class of their own.

Kabelwerk Eupen’s began with brothers, Carl and August Bourseaux in 1747. The company based in Eupen, Belgium fabricated all kinds of jute ropes and hawsers, then toward the end of the 19th century, cables.

In the 1950’s, [they] realized the importance of plastics and installed two new production lines: one for plastic tube extrusion, and the other for the first production of synthetic foam.

A pilot project was set up in 1962 where two Belgium towns had cable television transmission systems installed using coaxial cable manufactured by Kabelwerk Eupen.

In the 70’s and 80’s [they] was at the forefront of an industry-wide awareness for safety, developing safety cables for nuclear power plants that fully complied with the IEEE quality control standards.

The 1990’s were marked by increasingly intense research and development, continuous refinement of manufacturing processes and the pursuit of the highest possible product quality. Consequently, the technology and expertise gained in the fields of cables, pipes, and foam were combined to complement each other, providing a sound structural framework for [their] move into the 21st century.