The RG402 Conformable Coaxial from Clinton Nevada are successful alternatives to traditional Semi-Rigid Cables. RG402 Conformable Plenum Coax assemblies may be used for iDAS installations, test instrument, cable prototypes, for Aerospace, Military Radar and Microwave Equipment.

  • Hand formable without the need for bending tools
  • Excellent Electrical Performance
  • 100% Flat Braid Shield for reduced leakage
  • 0.141″ Conformable, In-Building DAS, Low PIM, Plenum Cable


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  • Item #RG420-##

    Silver-Coated Copper Clad Steel 125°C – 1900V

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  • Excellent PIM for optimum system performance
  • UL910 plenum rated satisfying building code requirements
  • Super flexible for ease of installation
  • Corrugated copper outer conductor providing greater than 100dB RF shielding
  • Durable FEP outer jacket is suitable for outdoor use
Impedance 50 ohms
Weight 52 lbs/1000 ft
Shielding Effectiveness >100 dB
Capacitance 26.7 pF/ft
Flat Plate Crush Strength 100 lbf
Tensile Strength 150 lbs
Electrical Specifications
Velocity of Propagation 76%
Dielectric 0.189 in
Bending Moment 0.6 ft-lbs
Voltage 1900
Physical Specifications
Jacket: Extruded 0.280 in
Outer Conductor 0.250 in
Center Conductor 0.068 in
Bend Radius 1.0 in
Inductance 0.067 uH/ft
Passive Intermodulation <-155 dBc