Stage Lighting Cable

Stage Lighting Cable

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Type SC (Service Cable)/ PPC(Portable Power Cable) Stage Lighting Cable for up-and-on/always-on-the-go portability. This Stage Lighting Cable has durability and safety in mind for all outlets of Industrial Entertainment.
Oil and Water Resistant, meeting requirements for lighting for Racing and Motocross Events, Concert Venues, Music Festivals, Conventions and more!
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Type SC Stage Lighting Cable

  • STAGE-#####

    105°C 600 Volt UL Type SC

Preferred manufacturer brochure
• Portable power and lighting applications in the entertainment industry including motion picture, television,
theatres, stages and similar locations
Standards & References
• UL 62 / UL1581, CSA-C 22.2 No 96
• UL: E228208 (UL); -35°C; Oil resistant 60°C; Water Resistant
• C(UL): E207132 FT5; 105°C; 600V; Oil Resistant
Cable Construction
Conductors: Flexible strand bare copper, ASTM B 172 class K
Separator: Polyester tape over conductor
Jacket: Black heavy duty EPR / CPE two layers bonded thermoset jacket, oil resistant and flame retardant

sc stage lighting cable

20A Stage Pin with SOOW Cable

20A Stage Pin with SOOW Stage Lighting Cable. The classic design for stage & theater cable. Though now commonly replaced by the Edison connector, it is still favored by some for it’s flat floor-like surface for being safer against tripping hazards. For connecting dimmers to dimming lamp-lights and other stage lighting instruments. Some stage pin extension cables may be constructed from cable with six or more conductors. This cable can be fitted with multiple stage-pin connectors at either end enabling the single cable to carry multiple independent output channels of dimmed power.

  • SOOW-#####

    105°C 600 Volt CSA Type PPC

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• Portable power systems
• Entertainment industry activities such as theatre, television, night clubs, motion pictures, mobile communication vans, spotlights and sound systems
• Other similar applications that would require temporary power

Standards & References
• UL Listed
• CSA Certified
• RoHS Compliant

Cable Construction
Center Conductor: 8 AWG through 4/0 AWG fully annealed stranded bare copper per ASTM B-172
Jacket: VIPER™ CPE 105°C, black Temperature range: -50°C to +105°C